Tra 'città' e 'corte'. Promozione sociale e vocazione scientifica nella Toscana del Seicento: Francesco e Gregorio Redi (II)

Walter Bernardi


Redi followed his family to San Sepolcro and Prato, before moving to Florence, where he started a brilliant courtier career that brought him to become the Physician of the Grand Duke Ferdinando II in 1666. Among all Tuscan cities, Redi kept deep links with Prato, where he lived six years during his youth, from 1635 to 1641. In Prato Redi had several friends. In 1653 the Pope Innocenzo X assigned to Prato his bishop and the Grand Duke declared Prato "city". As an influential courtier, Redi recommended several friends in Prato; some were physicians, but there was the famous poet Benedetto Menzini too. Redi gave an exact account of two important public displays of sociabi- lity and piety in Prato: the game of "calcio" (football) and the "September's Fair" with the ostention of the Holy "Cintola" (Belt) of Our Lady.

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