L’attenzione per la salute delle donne: un interesse recente

Domenica La Banca


In World Health Organization’s Constitution the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being, but in fact it is not so. Is not so for the female population until now forced to seek treatment with therapies and medications certainly suitable for men, but not necessarily for women. Is the Gender medicine that aims to curb this iniquity.
In fact, the Gender medicine focuses on the impact of the gender on human physiology, pathophysiology, and clinical features of diseases. The concept of Gender refers to a complex interrelation and integration of sex as a biological and functional marker of the human body and psychological and cultural behavior (due to ethnical, social, and religious background). The essay reconstructs the stages of development of the Gender medicine from the experience of feminist group of women’s health, arose in the late sixties in the United States, at birth of the “Office on Women’s Health” at the U.S. “Department of Health & Human Services”, emphasizing moreover the stimulus given to the Gender medicines from the WHo and, in Europe, from the institutions of the European Union. Finally, particular attention is given to the Italian experience.

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