Universo dei medici e mondo dei chirurghi nella Roma cinquecentesca. I ‘Capitula Concordiae’ del 1534

Elisa Andretta


The article focuses on the relationship between physicians and surgeons in early sixteenth century Rome. The starting point of the analysis is a controversy that broke out in 1533 and which resulted in some Capitula Concordiae being promulgated in 1534 to resolve the dispute. Even if these regulations did not manage to end all the conflicts between the two professional groups, they played a major role in defining the Roman medical system and the relationship between medical occupations and political power. In the article, first I reconstruct the course of the controversy and the promulgation of the Capitula, paying special attention to the actors involved and their scientific, social, and institutional roles. Second, I analyse the professional geography they reflected and tried to define. Third, I consider their concrete fulfillment and their effects on urban medical organization. Finally, I examine their consequences not only on professional organization but also on medical teachings in 16th century Rome.

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