Three years of fragments: music, sound design, and sketching

Andrea Cera


This article describes an ongoing process, started in 2014, which brings together scientific research, artistic  investigation, sound design tools development, and cooperation between various entities, institutional and non-institutional: the European project SkAT-VG, the independent Swiss platform Plakart, the Art Center of Château La Coste,  social media. The artistic output of this process consists of series of sketches and fragments ([I titoli che seguono entro la parentesi tonda vanno tutti in corsivo] Pink Squirrels; S’i’ Fosse Suono; after the Gate-Machines; The Brown Lipstick Sketches). The focus on sketching activities (in the SkAT-VG project) and the fragmented nature of the Internet (in the Plakart platform) has driven me to develop autonomous narrative frameworks to unify a seemingly disparate collection of short forms. I introduce my presentation with a synopsis of my aesthetic position, which revolves around the interference between different, or even incompatible, cultural paradigms.

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