ANTIDINAMICA (2015-2016). Da 1 a 4 sassofoni e live electronics, per Gianpaolo Antongirolami

Roberto Doati


ANTIDINAMICA is the first number of “Architetture invisibili”, a series of compositions devoted to form and acoustic instrument hidings. The compositional process will be described in detail. It starts with a transformation of a recorded saxophone improvisation by Gianpaolo Antongirolami. The spectral analysis of this transformation will generate the score for the four saxophones in ANTIDINAMICA. The performers can choose and change the metronome on every page, as well as what and how many staves to play – there are 6 in each page – but within a defined time length. Then they continue improvising on what in their memory the score left. The live electronics performer freely improvises on the parameters of an environment consisting of a 8 tracks filtered impulses convolution sent to 4 multitaps delay.

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