Le registrazioni audio dell’archivio Luigi Nono di Venezia

Luca Cossettini


The audio recordings of the Luigi Nono Archive in Venice: guidelines for preservation and critical edition of audio documents
Studying audio recordings brings us back to ancient source verification problems that too often one thinks are overcome by the technical reproduction of sound. Au-dio signal is “fixed” on a specific carrier (tape, disc etc) with a specific audio format (speed, number of tracks etc); the choice of support and format during the first “memorizing” process and the following copying processes is a subjective and, in case of copying, an interpretative operation conducted within a continuously evolv-ing audio technology. What we listen to today is the result of a transmission process that unavoidably transforms the original acoustic event and the documents that memorize it. Audio recording is no way a timeless and immutable fixing process. It is therefore necessary to study the transmission processes and to reconstruct the au-dio document tradition. The re-recording of the tapes of the Archivio Luigi Nono, conducted by the Audio Labs of the DAMS Musica of the University of Udine, of-fers clear examples of the technical and musicological interpretative problems one can find when he works with audio recordings.

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