XI-XII (2017-2018)

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Marco Ligabue 5-14
Epitaffio di Silicio. Traccia per improvvisazione in live coding PDF
Nicola Buso 15-27
Lost in feedback (2014): soluzioni personali di musica mista tra il teatro musicale e la performance visuale PDF
Maurilio Cacciatore 29-44
Three years of fragments: music, sound design, and sketching PDF
Andrea Cera 45-62
ANTIDINAMICA (2015-2016). Da 1 a 4 sassofoni e live electronics, per Gianpaolo Antongirolami PDF
Roberto Doati 63-72
Social and psychological impact of musical collective creative processes in virtual environments; The Avatar Orchestra Metaverse in Second Life PDF
Gema F.B. Martín 73-85
Estremo d’ombra: an interactive electronic composition PDF
Lara Morciano 87-108
Relating Timbre and Shape in the Audiovisual Composition S Phase PDF
Lance Putnam 109-117
Time-variant infrastructures and dynamical adaptivity for higher degrees of complexity in autonomous music feedback systems: the Order from noise (2017) project PDF
Dario Sanfilippo 119-129

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