No 9 (2015)

Joint Commitment: Collective Intentionality, Norms and Justice
Edited by Francesca De Vecchi and Silvia Tossut

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Joint Commitment, Human Life and Social Ontology PDF
Francesca De Vecchi, Silvia Tossut 10-15

Joint Commitment

Joint Commitment: What It Is and Why It Matters PDF
Margaret Gilbert 18-26

Session 1. Collective Beliefs

Augur Augurem Videns... Belief and Make-Believe in Social Life PDF
Wojciech Żełaniec 30-37
On Acting Because of a Joint Commitment PDF
Silvia Tossut 38-45
Joint Commitment and Collective Belief: a Revisionary Proposal PDF
Leo Townsend 46-53
Epistemic Authority and Manipulation: Exploring the ‘Dark Side’ of Social Agency PDF
Sonja Rinofner-Kreidl 54-71

Session 2. Groups’ Intentionality

Commitments in Groups and Commitments of Groups PDF
Jacob Heim 74-82
The Plural Subject Approach to Social Ontology and the Sharing Values Issue PDF
Francesca De Vecchi 84-96
Helping Behavior and Joint Action in Young Children PDF
Glenda Satne, Alessandro Salice 98-106
A Phenomenology of Social Stances PDF
Gian Paolo Terravecchia 108-115

Session 3. Shared Norms

The Normativity of Institutions PDF
Francesco Guala 118-128
The Social Impact Theory of Law PDF
Joshua Keton 130-137
Joint Political Rights and Obligations PDF
Seumas Miller 138-146
Shared Norms and Nomotrophic Behaviour PDF
Lorenzo Passerini Glazel 148-159

Session 4. Just Joint Commitments

Associative Political Obligations and the Distributive Objection PDF
John Horton, Ryan Windeknecht 162-171
May Joint Commitment Stabilize Modus Vivendi? PDF
Roberta Sala 172-180
The Anatomy of Collusion PDF
Helen Lauer 182-191

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