No 7 (2014)

Naturalism, the First-Person Persective and the Embodied Mind
Lynne Baker’s Challenge: Metaphysical and Practical Approaches
Edited by Massimo reichlin

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Introduction PDF
Massimo Reichlin 10-16

Session 1. Invited Speakers

Cartesianism and the First-Person Perspective PDF
Lynne Rudder Baker 20-29
Defending theTranscendental Attitude: Husserl’s Concept of the Person and the Challenges of Naturalism PDF
Dermot Moran 30-43
How Naturalism Can save the self PDF
Michael Pauen 44-53
Two Forms of Non-Reductive Naturalism PDF
Mario De Caro 54-62
Naturalism and the Doctrine of Creation PDF
Katherine Sonderegger 64-72
Haecceity? A Phenomenological Perspective PDF
Roberta De Monticelli 74-88
Real Selves? Subjectivity and the Subpersonal Mind PDF
Michele Di Francesco, Massimo Marraffa, Alfredo Paternoster 90-101
First-Person Morality and the Role of Conscience PDF
Massimo Reichlin 102-110

Session 2. Contributed Papers

We are Not, Fundamentally, Persons PDF
Alfredo Tomasetta 114-119
Baker’s First-Person Perspectives: They Are Not What They Seem PDF
Marc Andree Weber 120-127
Does Reductivist Event-causal Compatibilism Leave Anything Out? Lynne Baker’s Reflective-Endorsement and the Bounds of the Traditional Analyses of Moral Responsibility PDF
Sofia Bonicalzi 128-135
Constitution, Mechanism, and Downward Causation PDF
Alan McKay 136-143
A Humean Insight into the Epistemic Normativity of the Belief in the Self PDF
Treasa Campbell 144-151
Towards a Faithful Description of the First-Person Perspective Phenomenon: Embodiment in a Body That Happens to Be Mine PDF
Bianca Bellini 152-159
Observer Memories and Phenomenology PDF
Patrick Eldridge 160-167
The First-Person Perspective Requirement in Pretense PDF
Gaetano Albergo 168-175
Introspection Illusion and the Methodological Denial of the First-Person Perspective PDF
Giuseppe Lo Dico 176-183
The Notion of Representation and the Brain PDF
Valentina Cuccio 184-192

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