No 6 (2014)

Mind, Habits and Social Reality
Edited by Matt Bower and Emanuele Carminada

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Introduction PDF
Matt Bower 10-20

Session 1. Habits and the Phenomenology of Types

The Ego as Substrate of Habitualities: Edmund Husserl’s Phenomenology of the Habitual Self PDF
Dermot Moran 24-39
Types and Habits. Habits and their Cognitive background in Hume and Husserl PDF
Dieter Lohmar 40-51
Phenomenology of Automatism. Habit and Situational Typification in Husserl PDF
Christian Ferencz-Flatz 52-65
Between Relevance Systems and Typification Structures: Alfred schutz on Habitual Possessions PDF
Tomas da Costa 66-72

Session 2. Habit's Role in Mind and Knowing

On the Origin, Nature, and Genesis of Habit PDF
Maxine Sheets-Johnstone 76-89
Habit and Mind. On the Teleology of Mental Habits PDF
Andrea Zhok 90-99
Naturalization: Habits, Bodies and Their Subjects PDF
Adi Efal 100-111
Phenomenological Considerations of Habit: Reason, Knowing and Self-Presence in Habitual Action PDF
James McGuirk 112-121
Habit and the Extended Mind: Fleshing Out the Extended Mind Theory with Merleau-Pontian Phenomenology PDF
Richard Charles Strong 122-131

Session 3. The Social and Normative Character of Habit

The Concept of Habit and the Regularities of Social Structure PDF
Nick Crossley 134-145
Phenomenological Habitus and Social Creativity PDF
Valérie Kokoszka 146-154
From a Phenomenology of the Reciprocal Nature of Habits and Values to an Understanding of the Intersubjective Ground of Normative Social Reality PDF
Frank Scalambrino 156-167
Husserl's Concept of Position-taking and Second Nature PDF
Alejandro Arango 168-176


Episodic and Non-Episodic Intentionality: on the Constitutive Function of the Epistemic Habitualities of Knowledge and Belief in Edmund Husserl PDF
Rochus Sowa 180-202
Annotated Bibliography: Writings on the Topic of Habit PDF
Marco Cavallaro 204-211

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