No 3 (2012)

Norms, Values, Society: Phenomenological and Ontological Approaches
Edited by Emanuele Caminada and Barbara Malvestiti

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Norms, Values, Society: A Brief Phenomenological Overview PDF
Emanuele Caminada, Barbara Malvestiti 10-22

Session 1. Non-Institutional Life

A Phenomenological Discussion of Early Imitation PDF
Andrea Zhok 26-34
Norm and Normality, Starting from Merleau-Ponty PDF
Marco Spina 36-44
Love, Plural Subjects & Normative Constraint PDF
Joseph Kisolo-Ssonko 46-54
Against Atomic Individualism in Plural Subject Theory PDF
Neil W. Williams 56-66
Social Ontology and Immanent Realism PDF
Alessandro Salice 68-75

Session 2. Institutional Life

Institutional Ontology as an Ontology of Types PDF
Lorenzo Passerini Glazel 78-91
On the Constitutive Force of Regulative Rules PDF
Wojciech Zełaniec 92-100
Challenging the Constitutive Rules Inviolability Dogma PDF
Guglielmo Feis, Umberto M. Sconfienza 102-110
Appearance Counting as Reality? Some Considerations on Stability and Unpredictability in Social Institutions PDF
Emanuele Bottazzi, Roberta Ferrario 112-119
Does Ontogenesis of Social Ontology Start with Pretence? PDF
Gaetano Albergo 120-126

Session 3. Ethical-Political Life

The Neosentimentalist Argument Against Moral Rationalism: Some Critical Observations PDF
Massimo Reichlin 130-138
Determining the Common Good: A (Re-)Constructive Critique of the Proceduralist Paradigm PDF
Christian Blum 140-148
Reasonable Values and the Value of Reasonableness. Reflections on John Rawls’ Political Liberalism PDF
Roberta Sala 150-157

Session 4. Special Issue

An Interview with Martha Craven Nussbaum: Political Emotions. Why Love Matters for Justice PDF
Emanuele Caminada, Barbara Malvestiti 160-165
A Conversation with Noam Chomsky: New Insights on Old Foundations PDF
Valentina Bambini, Cristiano Chesi, Andrea Moro 166-178

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