No 2 (2012)

Making the Social World: Social Ontology, Collective Intentionality, and Normativity
Edited by Francesca De Vecchi

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Making the Social World, or on Making Our Everyday Life World PDF
Francesca De Vecchi 14-21

Session 1. Social Ontology

Human Social Reality and Language PDF
John R. Searle 24-33
Perspectives of Documentality PDF
Maurizio Ferraris 34-40
Metaphysically Lightweight Posits PDF
Matjaž Potrc 42-48
The Background Power in Searle’s Social Ontology PDF
Olimpia Loddo 50-57
Covert Institutionality: Sacred Mountains, Witches and Exorcists PDF
Filip Buekens 58-66
The Paradox of Government: Explaining the Life and Death of a State PDF
Daniela Taglia 68-74

Session 2. Collective Intentionality and Social Cognition

Subject, Mode and Content in “We-Intentions” PDF
Michael Wilby 78-87
Is Affective Intentionality Necessarily Irrelevant in Social Cognition? PDF
Sarah Songhorian 88-96
Collective Intentionality: A Human – not a Monkey – Business PDF
Angelica Kaufmann 98-105
The Phenomenological Background of Collective Positionality PDF
Emanuele Caminada 106-112
The “Ought” Implies “Can” Principle: A Challenge to Collective Intentionality PDF
Guglielmo Feis 114-121
Other Participants' Cooperative Attitude in Legal Context PDF
Federico José Arena 122-130

Session 3. Normativity and Language

Adýnaton. Four Dichotomies for a Philosophy of Impossibility PDF
Amedeo Giovanni Conte, Paolo Di Lucia 134-143
Mimetic Constitutive Rules PDF
Corrado Roversi 144-151
Human Dignity as a Status vs Human Dignity as a Value. A Double Nature PDF
Barbara Malvestiti 152-159
Rationality as the Normative Dimension of Speech Acts PDF
Federica Berdini 160-165
Emergent Rules and Social Reality PDF
Gian Paolo Terravecchia 166-173
Making the Social World without Words PDF
Enrico Terrone 174-182

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