No 1 (2011)

Phenomenology and Analytic Philosophy: Perspectives
on Mind and Consciousness
Edited by Roberta De Monticelli and Francesca De Vecchi

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Table of Contents


Phenomenologizing cognitive neuroscience? PDF
Roberta De Monticelli, Francesca De Vecchi 10-15

Session 1. Phenomenology, Neuroscience and Analytic Philosophy

Phenomenology today: a good travel mate for analytic philosophy? PDF
Roberta De Monticelli 18-27
Neuroscience and phenomenology PDF
Vittorio Gallese 28-39
Fantasies and facts: epistemological and methodological perspectives on rst- and third-person perspectives PDF
Shaun Gallagher 40-46
Beyond the Cartesian Self PDF
Lynne Baker 48-57
A phenomenologically oriented account of the phenomenon of aspectuality in propositional attitudes PDF
Elisabetta Sacchi 58-71
Collective intentionality vs. intersubjective and social intentionality. An account of collective intentionality as shared intentionality PDF
Francesca De Vecchi 72-87

Session 2. Action and Agency

Agent, action and agent’s awareness. A conceptual clari cation of our experience PDF
Luca Casartelli 90-98
Actions and attitudes PDF
Donnchadh O’Conaill 100-106
Keeping a sense of self. Pathologies and preferences of self and agency PDF
Beril Sözmen 108-114
Toward a phenomenological cognitive archaeology PDF
Philip Tonner 116-123
See clearly to act well. Possible levels of intentionality PDF
Lodovica Maria Zanet 124-131
The ecological meaning of embodiment PDF
Silvano Zipoli Caiani 132-138

Session 3. Social Cognition and Consciousness

A phenomenological discussion of Antonio Damasio’s theory of emotions PDF
Anna Bortolan 142-150
Higher-order persons: an ontological challenge? PDF
Emanuele Caminada 152-157
What does the False Belief test test? PDF
Marco Fenici 158-165
Action, emotion and embodiment in empathic responses PDF
Gloria Galloni 166-172
Language as Embodiment PDF
Beatrice Kobow 174-180
Perceiving subject and social cognition. Remarks from Adolf Reinach, Shaun Gallagher and Dan Zahavi PDF
Marco Tedeschini 182-188
Consciousness, ego, alterity: crossing of neuroscience and phenomenology? PDF
Nicola Zippel 190-195

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