No 11 (2016)

Emotions, Normativity, and Social Life
Edited by Francesca Forlè and Sarah Songhorian

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The Emotions: From the (Inter)Personal to the Normative Dimension PDF
Francesca Forlè, Sarah Songhorian 10-17

Session 1. Theories of Emotions

Emotions as a Multi-Modal System of Representation in Non-Linguistic Thinking PDF
Dieter Lohmar 20-30
Is the Perceptual Model of Emotions Still A Good Competitor? A Small Phenomenology of Feeling PDF
Roberta De Monticelli 32-47
The Rationalities of Emotion PDF
Cecilea Mun 48-57
Emotional Intelligence as an Intellectual Virtue: Theoretical Analysis and Empirical Assessment PDF
Paul Poenicke 58-67
Affectivity and Self-Displacement in Stein’s Early Phenomenology On the Role of Self-Experience in Empathy PDF
Elisa Magrì 68-77
A Naturalist View of Humiliation PDF
Sandy Berkovski 78-86

Session 2. Emotions, Morality, and Political Theory

Straight and Twisted Self-Deception PDF
Anna Elisabetta Galeotti 90-99
Moral Emotion, Autonomy and the ‘Extended Mind’ PDF
Edward Harcourt 100-112
Caring About Ethics of Care: A New Dimension PDF
Maria Giovanna Bevilacqua 114-119
Social Stances, Emotions and the Importance of Fear PDF
Gian Paolo Terravecchia 120-126

Session 3. Emotions, Language, and Hate Speech

Slur Creation, Bigotry Formation: the Power of Expressivism PDF
Robin Jeshion 130-139
Slurs: Semantic Content, Expressive Content and Social Generics PDF
Federico Cella 140-148
Not All Slurs are Equal PDF
Mihaela Popa-Wyatt 150-156
Building Evaluation into Language PDF
Bianca Cepollaro 158-168
Slurs and Negation PDF
Francesca Panzeri, Simone Carrus 170-180
Silencing Speech with Pornography PDF
Laura Caponetto 182-191

Session 4. Emotions and Intersubjectivity – Typical Development and Pathologies

Intercorporeality and Interaffectivity PDF
Thomas Fuchs 194-209
Emotion Dysregulation in Borderline Personality Disorder: A Literature Review PDF
Cesare Maffei, Viola Fusi 210-220
What Autism Can Tell Us About the Link between Empathy and Moral Reasoning? PDF
Flavia Felletti 222-230
Extended Affectivity as the Cognition of Primary Intersubjectivity PDF
Laura Candiotto 232-241
On the Constructive Role of Conflicting Emotions: The Case of Early Mother-Child Interaction and its Relevance for the Study of Social Behaviour PDF
Roberta Patalano 242-250

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