No 14 (2018)

Perception and Aesthetic Experience
Edited by Francesca Forlè and Elisabetta Sacchi

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Art as Complement of Philosophy PDF
Elisabetta Sacchi, Francesca Forlè 10-15

Session 1. Aesthetic Experience and Enactivism

The “How” and “What” of Aesthetic Experience. Some Reflections Based on Noë’s Strange Tools. Art and Human Nature PDF
Francesca Forlè 18-28
Art and Entanglement in Strange Tools PDF
Alva Noë 30-36
Ways of Perceiving and Mapping Human Cognition through Art PDF
Ancuta Mortu 38-47
Can an Enactivist Approach Entail the Extended Conscious Mind? PDF
Qiantong Wu 48-55
Color Relationism and Enactive Ontology PDF
Andrea Pace Giannotta 56-67

Session 2. Neuroscience, Aesthetics, and Embodiment

The problem of images: A view from the brain-body PDF
Vittorio Gallese 70-79
Enactive Aesthetics and Neuroaesthetics PDF
Joerg Fingerhut 80-97
Conceptual semantics as grounded in personal experience PDF
Francesca Conca, Marco Tettamanti 98-116

Session 3. Art, Depiction, and Perception

Art made for pictures PDF
John Kulvicki, Bence Nanay 120-134
The Nature of Pictorial Representations PDF
Gabriele Ferretti 136-144
Twofold pictorial experience, propositional imagining and recognitional concepts: a critique of Walton’s visual make-believe PDF
Marco Arienti 146-156
Visually-based Knowingly Illusory Presence and Picture Display PDF
Alberto Voltolini 158-168
Can Movement be Depicted? PDF
Nick Young, Clotilde Calabi 170-179
The Spatial Experience of Musical Sources: Two Case Studies PDF
Elvira Di Bona 180-187
Modes of presentation and ways of appearing: a critical revision of Evans’s account* PDF
Elisabetta Sacchi 188-202

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