Grapevine Wood Decay and Lignicolous Basidiomycetes

Michael Fischer


Morphological, anatomical and molecular features of the white rot basidiomycetes on grapevine, Fomitiporia
punctata and Phellinus igniarius, were examined. Species specific restriction phenotypes were detected for an
enzymatically amplified region of nuclear-encoded ribosomal DNA (including ITS-1, 5.8S, ITS-2). The procedure
described allows reliable identification of mycelia not assignable to a particular fruiting body. A sequence analysis of
the ribosomal ITS region was performed with twelve strains of F. punctata and two strains of P. igniarius. The data
obtained indicate a subdivision of F. punctata into three subgroups, assignable to different geographic regions. Italian
isolates from Vitis vinifera were found to be closely related to North American isolates from Salix hindsiana and
S. lucida and to be distinct from isolates from Central and Northern Europe.

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