Phenols and Stilbene Polyphenols in the Wood of Esca-Diseased Grapevines

Antonio Evidente, Carmine Amalfitano, Emanuela Bertelli, Giuseppe Surico, Laura Mugnai, Stefania Tegli


Trans-resveratrol and e-viniferin, already described as stress metabolites produced by the leaves of Vitis
vinifera in response to fungal infection, UV irradiation, and incubation by chemicals, have been detected in the wood
of healthy as well as in the brown-red wood of esca-diseased grapevines. Brown-red wood is considered an initial
symptom of esca in grapevine. Resveratrol was the predominant component although e-viniferin was also accumulated
in appreciable quantities. The biological significance of the production of resveratrol and e-viniferin is discussed.

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