The Genus «Phaeoacremonium» from a Molecular Point of View

Joël Paronnaud, Joëlle Dupont, Marie-France Roquebert, Sandrine Magnin


A molecular approach combined with phenotypic and morphological observations was used to delimit
Phaeoacremonium species involved in esca disease and grapevine declines. P. aleophilum and P. angustius were
synonymised, a new species P. viticola was reported and preliminary results concerning the delimitation of P. inflatipes
and P. parasiticum were presented. The incubation of isolates at 35°C appeared to be a discriminant character to
identify these two species, P. inflatipes having very low growth in comparison with P. parasiticum. Specific restriction
profiles were determined using the type strain of each species, and the method was applied to screen unidentified

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