Curative Treatments Trialed on Young Grapevines Infected with «Phaeomoniella chlamydospora»

Ian G. Pascoe, Jacqueline Edwards, Nam K. Nguyen, Natalie Laukart


Internal symptoms of Petri disease include brown wood-streaking and an abnormally dark pith, caused
by Phaeomoniella chlamydospora (Pch). This paper reports on the effect of eight fungicides and a hot water treatment
on naturally infected one-year-old Pinot Noir rootlings in a glasshouse trial. Vines were destructively assessed
22 weeks after planting. All treatments significantly reduced the incidence of dark pith. Phosphonate treatment was
the most effective and benzothiodiazole was the least effective treatment with respect to controlling Pch. These
results will contribute to the development of an integrated management program for grapevine propagating material.

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