Molecular characteristics of a strain (Salento-1) of Xylella fastidiosa isolated in Apulia (Italy) from an olive plant with the quick decline syndrome

Gianluca BLEVE, Guido MARCHI, Francesco RANALDI, Antonia GALLO, Fabio CIMAGLIA, Antonio Francesco LOGRIECO, Giovanni MITA, Jacopo RISTORI, Guseppe SURICO


DNA-based approaches were used to characterize a strain (Salento-1) of Xylella fastidiosa obtained from an olive plant suffering from the syndrome of quick decline in Apulia (South Italy). Salento-1 was indistinguishable from strain CoDiRO previously isolated from olive in Apulia and assigned to  X. fastidiosa subsp. pauca. Based on our results and comparative analysis with reported data, the subspecies pauca, multiplex, and fastidiosa may invade olive throughout the world (California, Italy, Argentina and Brazil). The strain Salento-1 has been deposited in the National Collection of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria (NCPPB), England, and in the Belgian Coordinated Collections of Microorganisms (BCCM), Belgium.


olive decline; MLST; dnaA; rpoD; intergenic region; genetic relationships

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