Biodiversity and Geographic Distribution of Basidiomycetes Causing Esca-Associates White Rot in Grapevine : A Worldwide Perspective

M. Fischer


An overview is provided of the biodiversity, taxonomic classification and geographic distribution of
basidiomycetes isolated from white rot in esca-affected grapevine all over the world. A total of 10 species have been
recovered, all belonging to the Hymenochaetales and five of them of uncertain identity. Identified taxa include
Fomitiporia mediterranea (Europe, Asia), F. polymorpha (North America), F. australiensis (Australia), and Inocutis
jamaicensis (South America). One species, not yet formally described, is Fomitiporella vitis (South America). Uncertain
taxa occur in Australia and South Africa. Existence of the fungi is widely restricted to vegetative mycelium.
Fruit bodies are rare in the field and molecular data are usually necessary for differentiation.

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