Cladosporium species, a new challenge in strawberry production in Iran

Najmeh AYOUBI, Mohammad J. SOLEIMANI, Rasoul ZARE


Between April and August 2013, two new fungal pathogens were isolated from strawberry foliage in strawberry production regions of Iran. Based on morphology and translation elongation factor 1-alpha (TEF) gene sequence analysis, the pathogens were identified as Cladosporium macrocarpum and C. limoniforme. Pathogenicity tests were performed on strawberry (cv. Parous) fruits and leaves and the original C. macrocarpum and C. limoniforme were re-isolated complying with Koch’s postulates. This is the first report of C. macrocarpum and C. limoniforme as causal agents of a strawberry disease in Iran.


Cladosporium macrocarpum; C. limoniforme; Fragaria ananassa; taxonomy; tef1

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