Control of Eutypa dieback in grapevines using remedial surgery

Mark R. SOSNOWSKI, Trevor J. WICKS, Eileen S. SCOTT


A series of long-term trials was established to monitor the effect of remedial surgery for the control of Eutypa dieback in commercial vineyards of South Australia. Removing infected cordons and trunks has been used as a strategy for managing Eutypa dieback in grapevines for many years and this study is the first to provide evidence of its effect in controlling the disease. Between 42 and 100% of vines produced watershoots after removal of infected wood, depending on time after surgery and height of the trunk remaining. Remedial surgery reduced the incidence of vines with foliar symptoms of Eutypa dieback in vineyards, and the severity of those symptoms, but the efficacy varied with the presumed extent of pre-existing infection and the origin of the watershoot. It is recommended that all stained wood and a further 10 cm of healthy tissue be removed to reduce the likelihood that symptoms of Eutypa dieback will recur.


Eutypa lata; reworking; trunk renewal; top-working

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