Pathogenicity and molecular detection of Uruguayan isolates of Greeneria uvicola and Cadophora luteo-olivacea associated with grapevine trunk diseases

Fernando NAVARRETE, Eduardo ABREO, Sebastián MARTÍNEZ, Lina BETTUCCI, Sandra LUPO


Species from different fungal genera have been indicated as responsible for the development of trunk diseases of grapevines. Greeneria uvicola is responsible for the bitter rot of Vitis vinifera grape bunchesnear harvest, and can also attack other Vitis species. In Uruguay, G. uvicola was isolated from dead arm affected grapevines and as an endophyte from healthy canes. Cadophora luteo-olivacea is a phialophora-likeascomycete with a wide distribution that was isolated from asymptomatic wood tissues in Vitis and Petridisease-affected nursery plants in Uruguay. Pathogenicity of isolates of both species was evaluated on Vitis vinifera cv. Tannat and Cabernet Sauvignon, and rootstocks SO4 and 3309C. Specific primers were developed for the ITS rDNA region for both species. Number of plants showing discoloration, length of discoloration, number of re-isolations and amplifications confirmed the pathogenicity of G. uvicola isolates. Pathogenicityof the isolate of C. luteo-olivacea obtained from symptomatic tissues is discussed. Specific primers can be usedto detect the presence of these fungi in asymptomatic tissues.


ITS; specific primers; dead arm; Petri

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