Vol 41, No 2 (2002)

Table of Contents

Research Papers

«Pseudomonas fluorescens» mediated antifungal activity against «Rhihzoctonia solani» causing sheath blight in rice PDF
Babu Submanianan, Ramalingan Radjacommare, Ramasamy Samiyappan, Rangaraj Nanadakumar, Thiruvengadam Raguchander 109-119
Assessing the applicability of transcript conformation polymorphism for differentiation among «Prunus nocrotic ringspot virus» isolates PDF
Arie Rosner, Ludmila Maslenin, Mehmet Asil Yilmaz, Melike Yurtmen, Sara Spiegel 92-98
Combined application of endophytic «Fusarium solani» and «Pseudomonas aeruginosa» for the suppression of «Meloidogyne javanica» in tomato PDF
Imran Ali Siddiqui, Maria Hamid, Syed Shahid Shaukad 138-147
Dendroclimatic analysis of «Quercus robur» infected with «Fusarium eumartii» PDF
Alessandro Ragazi, Elena Turco, Irene Dellavalle, Salvatore Moricca 131-137
New faba bean genotypes resistant to chocolate spot caused by «Botrytis fabae» PDF
Azza Rhaïem, Mejda Cherif, Mohamed Cherif, Mohamed Kharrat, Moncef Harrabi 99-108
SBI-fungicides : fungicidal effectiveness and resistance in «Botrytis cinerea» PDF
Anastasios N. Markoglou, Basil N. Ziogas 120-130
The "stanchezza" (soil sickness) of sweet basil PDF
Andrea Minuto, Angelo Garibaldi, Giovanni Minuto, Maria Lodovica Gullino, Quirico Migheli 85-91

Short Notes

First report of «Cadophora malorum» on «Asparagus officinalis» in Italy PDF
Salvatore Frisullo 148-151
Fungal diseases of vegetable crops in Albania PDF
Fedele Casulli, Jordan Merkuri, Skender Varaku 157-161
Occurrence of a soft rot of calla («Zantedeschia aethiopica») caused by «Pectobacterium carotovorum» subsp. «carotovorum» in central Italy PDF
Chiaraluce Moretti, Concetta Caglioti, Marco Innocenti, Roberto Buonaurio 152-156

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