Vol 42, No 1 (2003)

Table of Contents

Research Papers

Virus diseases of vegetable crops in southern Bulgaria PDF
D. Kostova, V. Lisa, R.G. Milne, A.M. Vaira, G. Dellavalle, S. Tsorlianis 3-8
Effect of salicylic acid on phenolic compounds related to date palm resistance to Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. albedinis PDF
A. Dihazi, F. Jaiti, J. Zouine, M. El Hassni, I. El Hadrami 9-16
Factors influencing the effectiveness of non-pathogenic Fusarium solani strain Fs5 in the suppression of root-knot nematode in tomato PDF
I.A. Siddiqui, S.S. Shaukat 17-26
Use of fusicoccin in the early selection of durum wheat for tolerance to water stress PDF
L. Ricciardi, L. Sparapano, A. Graniti 27-34
More about in vitro grape virus symptomatology PDF
A. Ghorbel, F. Ben Abdallah, S. Chebil 35-40
Ultrastructure of in vivo interactions of the antagonist bacteria Bacillus cereus X16 and B. thuringiensis 55T with Fusarium roseum var. sambucinum, the casual agent of potato dry rot PDF
M. Chérif, N. Sadfi, G.B. Ouellette 41-54
Selected microbial strains suppress Phytophthora cryptogena in gerbera crops produced in open and closed soilless systems PDF
V. Grasso, A. Minuto, A. Garibaldi 55-64
Nematicidal and allelopathic responses of Lantana camara root extract PDF
S.S. Shaukat, I.A. Siddiqui, N.I. Ali, S.A. Ali, G.H. Khan 71-78
Identification of phytotoxic metabolites of a new Fusarium sp. inhibiting germination of Shiga hermonthica seeds PDF
A. Boari, A. Evidente, A.E. Idris, M. Vurro, M.A. Abouzeid 65-70

Short Notes

Fungi from symptomless strawberry plants in Switzerland PDF
S. Rigotti, O. Viret, D. Gindrat 85-88
Temperature-sensitive adult plant leaf rust resistance in bread wheat (triticum aestivum L.) PDF
S. Agarwal, R.G. Saini, A.K. Sharma 89-92

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