Vol 42, No 2 (2003)

Table of Contents


Alternaria diseases of citrus - Novel pathosystems PDF
L.W. Timmer, T.L. Peever, Z. Solel, K. Akimitsu 99-112

Research Papers

Interaction between Pyricularia oryzae, four Helminthosporium species and Curvularia lunata in rice leaves PDF
M. Bahous, A. Ouazzani Touhami, A. Douira 113-122
Effect of plant eztracts and essential oils on root-knot nematode PDF
L. Al-Banna, R.M. Darwish, T. Aburjai 123-128
Pathogen toxin-indiced electrolyte leakage and phytoalexin accumulation as indices of red-rot (Colletotrichum falcatum Went) resistance in sugarcane PDF
D. Mohanraj, P. Padmanaban, M. Karunakaran 129-134
Avicennia marina (mangrove) soil amendment changes the fungal community in the rhizosphere and root tissue of mungbean and contributes to control of root-knot nematodes PDF
S.S. Shaukat, I.A. Siddiqui, F.S. Mehdi 135-140
Fungitoxic activity of root extracts from Ferula harmonis PDF
K.I. Al-Mughabi, T.A. Aburjai 141-148
The mycobiota of herbal drug plants in Oman and possible decontamination by gamma radiation PDF
A.E. Elshafie, F.M. Al Siyabi, F.M. Salih, T. Ba Omar, S.N. Al Bahry, S. Al Kindi 149-154
Seasonal variation of Prunus necrotic ringspot virus concentration in almond, peach, and plum cultivars PDF
N. Salem, A. Mansour, A. Al-musa, A. Al-nsour 155-160
Effect of a traditional control method (tree removal) on the spread of sharka in an apricot orchard in Southeastern Spain PDF
P. Martínez-Gómez, F. Dicenta, J. Egea 161-166
Identification of Spanish isolates of Rhizoctonia solani from potato by anastomosis grouping, ITS-RFLP and RAMS-fingerprinting PDF
A.M. Elbakali, A. Lilja, J. Hantula, M.P: Martín 167-176
Reaction of durum wheat cultivars to mixed SBWMV and WSSMV infection in central Italy PDF
V. Vallega, C. Rubies-Autonell, C. Ratti 177-182
Analysis by detached leaf assay of components of partial resistance of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) to chocolate spot caused by Botrytis fabae Sard. PDF
A. Bouhassan, M. Sadiki, B. Tivoli, N. Khiati 183-190
Naphthalenones and isocoumarins of the fungus Ceratocystis fimbriata f. sp. platani PDF
N. Bürki, A. Michel, R. Tabacchi 191-198
Occurrence and distribution of Armillaria gallica genets in a declining oak stand of southern Italy PDF
T. de Gioia, R. Ubaldo, G. Sicoli, N. Luisi 199-204

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