Vol. 45, Supplement (2006)

Special issue from the 4th International Workshop on Grapevine Trunk Diseases (IWGTD)

Table of Contents

Editorial section

From 'Fire Esca' to 'Esca of Grapevine' PDF
A. Graniti 5-11


A review of Phaeoacremonium Species Involved in Petri Disease and Esca of Grapevines PDF
L. Mostert, F. Halleen, P. Fourie, P. W. Crous 12-29
Biodiversity and Geographic Distribution of Basidiomycetes Causing Esca-Associates White Rot in Grapevine : A Worldwide Perspective PDF
M. Fischer 30-42
Botryosphaeria spp. as Grapevine Trunk Disease Pathogens PDF
J.M. Niekerk, P.H. Fourie, F. Hallenn, P. Crous 43-54
A Review of Black Foot Disease of Grapevine PDF
F. Hallenn, P.H. Fourie, P.W. Crous 55-67
Older and More Recent Observations on Esca : A Critical Overview PDF
G. Surico, L. Mugnai, G. Marchi 68-86

Research Papers

Spatial Distribution of Esca Symptomatic Plants in Dão Vineyards (Centre Portugal) and Isolation of Associated Fungi PDF
J. Sofia, M.T. Gonçalves, H. Oliveira 87-92
Black Foot of Grapevine : Sensitivity of Cylindrocarpon destructans to Fungicides PDF
C. Rego, L. Farropas, T. Nascimento, A. Cabral, H. Oliveira 93-100
Cryptovalsa ampelina on Grapevines in N.E. Spain : Identification and Pathogenicity PDF
J. Luque, D. Sierra, E. Torres, F. Garcia 101-109
Characterization and Identification of the Basidiomycetous Fungus Associated with 'hoya de malvón' Grapevine Disease in Argentina PDF
S. Lupo, L. Bettucci, A. Pérez, S. Martínez, C. Césari, G. Escoriaza, M. Gatica 110-116
Some Observations on the Relationship of Manifest and Hidden Esca to Rainfall PDF
G. Marchi, F. Peduto, L. Mugnai, S. Di Marco, F. Calzarano, G. Surico 117-126

Short Notes

Survival of FUngi Associated with Grapevine Decline in Pruned Wood after Composting PDF
P. Lecomte, G. Louvet, B. Vacher, P. Guilbaud 127-130
Manganese Oxidation in Petri Disease Fungi as a Novel Taxonomic Character PDF
B.E. Overton, E.L. Stewart, N.G. Wenner 131-134

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