Vol 48, No 3 (2009)

Table of Contents


Phytoplasma and phytoplasma diseases: a review of recent research PDF
A. Bertaccini, B. Duduk 355-378

Research Papers

Effect of bioagents and resistance inducers on grapevine crown gall PDF
E. Biondi, F. Bini, F. Anaclerio, C. Bazzi 379-384
Trichoderma harzianum in combination with sheep manure amendment enhances soil suppressiveness of Fusarium wilt of tomato PDF
R. M. Barakat, M. I. Al-masri 385-395
Fungal grapevine trunk pathogens associated with Syrah decline in Spain PDF
D. Gramaje, R. M. Muñoz, M. L. Lerma, J. García-Jiménez, J. Armengol 396-402
The relationship between cutinases and the pathogenicity/virulence of Fusarium solani in potato tubers PDF
B. Morid, Rasoul Zare, S. Rezaee, H. Zamani-Zadeh, S. Hajmansour 403-410
Molecular characterization of an almond isolate of Prune dwarf virus in Tunisia: putative recombination breakpoints in the partial sequences of the coat protein-encoding gene in isolates from different geographic origin PDF
M. Boulila 411-421
Studies on the host range of Septoria species on cereals and some wild grasses in Iran PDF
S. Seifbarghi, M. Razavi, H. Aminian, R. Zare, H. Etebarian 422-429
Patterns of virulence diversity in Puccinia recondita on wheat in Morocco in 2005 and 2006 PDF
F. Bouftass, B. Ezzahiri, A. Ziouti 430-438
The effect in vitro of exogenously applied p-hydroxybenzoic acid on Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Niveum PDF
H. Wu, S. Shen, J. Han, Y. Liu, S. Liu 439-446
Purification and partial characterisation of a 60 KDa laccase from Fomitiporia mediterranea PDF
E. Abou-Mansour, J. Polier, R. Pezet, R. Tabacchi 447-453
Further investigations on the biology of Phomopsis cinerascens, the cause of fig canker in Iran PDF
Z. Banihashemi, A. R. Javadi 454-460
Evaluation of common bean lines for their reaction to the common bacterial blight pathogen PDF
E. Osdaghi, A. Alizadeh, M. Shams-bakhsh, M.R. LAK 461-468

Short Notes

Genetic variability of the coat protein gene of isolates of Citrus variegation virus from Campania (southern Italy) PDF
M. Barone, M. Malfitano, N. Duran-Vila, D. Alioto 469-474

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