Vol 49, No 3 (2010)

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Research Papers

Response of chickpea cultivars to foliar, seed and soil inoculations with Botrytis cinerea PDF
Mujeebur Rahman KHAN, Sabbir ASHRAF, Shumaila SHAHID, Arshad M. ANWER 275-286
Biological Control of Rhizoctonia solani AG1-1A, the Causal Agent of Rice Sheath Blight with Trichoderma Strains PDF
Shahram NAEIMI, Sayyed Mahmood OKHOVVAT, Mohammad JAVAN-NIKKHAH, Csaba VÁGVÖLGYI, Vahid KHOSRAVI, Laszlo KREDICS 287-300
Characterization of Italian isolates of Inonotus rickii PDF ERRATA CORRIGE
Tiziana ANNESI, Lorella D'AMICO, Daniela BRESSANIN, Emma MOTTA, Gianluigi MAZZA 301-308
Molecular Characterization Through Igs Sequencing Of Formae Speciales Of Fusarium Oxysporum Pathogenic On Lamb’s Lettuce PDF
Krishnamoorthy SRINIVASAN, Giovanna GILARDI, Davide SPADARO, Angelo GARIBALDI, Maria Lodovica GULLINO 309-320
Biological control of Verticillium wilt of greenhouse cucumber by Talaromyces flavus PDF
Laleh NARAGHI, Asghar HEYDARI, Saeed REZAEE, Mohammad RAZAVI, Homayoon AFSHARI-AZAD 321-329
QTL mapping of partial resistance to basal stem rot in sunflower using recombinant inbred lines PDF
Robab DAVAR, Reza DARVISHZADEH, Ahmad MAJD, Youbert GHOSTA, Ahmad SARRAFI 330-341
Characterization of Tomato spotted wilt virus isolates that overcome the Sw-5 resistance gene in tomato and fitness assays PDF
Jose ARAMBURU, Luis GALIPIENSO, Salvador SOLER, Carmelo LÓPEZ 342-351
Soil amendment with halophytes induces physiological changes and reduces root-knot infection in eggplant and okra PDF
Waseem M. ABBASI, Naeem AHMED, Javed M. ZAKI, Shahid S. SHAUKAT 352-360
PCR-RFLP diagnostic method for identifying Globodera species in Slovenia PDF
Sasa ŠIRCA, Barbara GERIC STARE, Polona STRAJNAR, Gregor UREK 361-369
Verticillium wilt of olive in the Guadalquivir Valley (southern Spain): relations with some agronomical factors and spread of Verticillium dahliae PDF
Effect of composts on microbial dynamics and activity, dry root rot severity and seed yield of cowpea in the Indian arid region Untitled () PDF
Meenu BAREJA, Praveen- KUMAR, satish LODHA 381-392
Amplification of Polyketide Synthase gene fragments in ochratoxigenic and nonochratoxigenic black aspergilli in grapevine PDF
Michelangelo STORARI, Ilaria PERTOT, Cesare GESSLER, Giovanni A. L. BROGGINI 393-405

Short Notes

Responses of commonly cultivated tomato cultivars in Nepal to bacterial speck PDF
Jay Ram LAMICHHANE, Giorgio Mariano BALESTRA, Leonardo VARVARO 406-413

New or Unusual Disease Reports

Shoot necrosis caused by Phoma incompta, a new disease of olive in Croatia PDF
Dario IVIC, Ante IVANOVIC, Tihomir MILICEVIC, Bogdan CVJETKOVIC 414-416
First report of Neofusicoccum australe associated with grapevine cordon dieback in Italy PDF
Benedetto T. LINALDEDDU, Bruno SCANU, Angela SCHIAFFINO, Salvatorica SERRA 417-420


Abstracts of oral and poster presentations given at the 4th Rusts of Forest Trees Conference, Florence, Italy, 3 –6 May 2010 PDF
AA. VV. 421-433

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