Vol 50, Supplement (2011)

Special issue from the 7th International Workshop on Grapevine Trunk Diseases (IWGTD)

Table of Contents

Editorial note and Dedication

Editors note, and Dedication Untitled () PDF


The status of Botryosphaeriaceae species infecting grapevines PDF
Jose Ramón URBEZ-TORRES 5-45

Research Papers

Histo-pathology study of the growth of Trichoderma harzianum, Phaeomoniella chlamydospora and Eutypa lata on grapevine pruning wounds Untitled () Untitled () Untitled () PDF
Cheusi MUTAWILA, Paul H. FOURIE, Francois HALLEEN, Lizel MOSTERT 46-60
Occurrence of Phaeomoniella chlamydospora on grapevine planting material in Sardinia and its control with combined hot water and cyproconazole treatment. PDF
Salvatorica SERRA, Maria Angela MANNONI, Virna LIGIOS, Pier Paolo FIORI 61-76
Phaeomoniella chlamydospora and Phaeoacremonium spp. in grapevines from Uruguay. PDF
Eduardo ABREO, Sebastian MARTINEZ, Lina BETTUCCI, Sandra LUPO 77-85
Phaeoacremonium species associated with Eutypa dieback and esca of grapevines in Algeria PDF
The distribution and symptomatology of grapevine trunk diseas pathogens are influenced by climate PDF
Jan VAN NIEKERK, Wilma BESTER, Francois HALLEEN, Pedro CROUS, Paul FOURIE 98-111
Characterization of Cadophora luteo-olivacea and C. melinii isolates obtained from grapevines and environmental samples from grapevine nurseries in Spain PDF
David GRAMAJE, Lizel MOSTERT, Josep ARMENGOL 112-126
Studies on the effect of water and temperature stress on grapevines inoculated with Eutypa lata PDF
Mark SOSNOWSKI, Jordi LUQUE, Adrian LOSCHIAVO, Soledad MARTOS, Francesc GARCIA-FIGUERES, Trevor WICKS, Eileen SCOTT 127-138
Temporal susceptibility of grapevine pruning wounds to trunk pathogen infection in South African grapevines. PDF
Jan M. VAN NIEKERK, Francois HALLEEN, Paul H. FOURIE 139-150
Influence of water stress on Botryosphaeriaceae disease expression in grapevines PDF
Jan VAN NIEKERK, Albert E STREVER, Gerhard P DU TOIT, Francois HALLEEN, Paul H FOURIE 151-165
Pathogenicity and molecular detection of Uruguayan isolates of Greeneria uvicola and Cadophora luteo-olivacea associated with grapevine trunk diseases PDF
Fernando NAVARRETE, Eduardo ABREO, Sebastián MARTÍNEZ, Lina BETTUCCI, Sandra LUPO 166-175
Fungi associated with die-back symptoms of apple and pear trees, a possible inoculum source of grapevine trunk disease pathogens PDF
Mia CLOETE, Paul H FOURIE, Ulrike DAMM, Pedro W CROUS, Lizel MOSTERT 176-190
Genetic variations in Spanish isolates of Phaeomoniella chlamydospora, the causal etiological agent of Petri disease of grapevine PDF
Vicente González GARCÍA, María Luisa Tello MARISCAL 191-203
Characterisation of the fungi associated with esca diseased grapevines in South Africa PDF
Chana-Lee WHITE, Francois HALLEEN, Michael FISCHER, Lizel MOSTERT 204-223
Stilbene polyphenols in the brown red wood of Vitis vinifera cv. Sangiovese affected by "esca proper"* PDF
Carmine AMALFITANO, Diana AGRELLI, Alessandro ARRIGO, Laura MUGNAI, Giuseppe SURICO, Antonio EVIDENTE 224-235
Symptoms and fungi associated with esca in South African vineyards PDF
Chana-LEE WHITE, Francois HALLEEN, Lizel MOSTERT 236-246
Evaluation of biocontrol agents for grapevine pruning wound protection against trunk pathogen infection. PDF
Charl KOTZE, Jan VAN NIEKERK, Francois HALLEEN, Lizel MOSTERT, Paul FOURIE 247-263
Grapevine cultivar variation to pruning wound protection by Trichoderma species against trunk pathogens PDF
Cheusi MUTAWILA, Paul FOURIE, Francois HALLEEN, Lizel MOSTERT 264-276
Control of Eutypa dieback in grapevines using remedial surgery PDF
Mark R. SOSNOWSKI, Trevor J. WICKS, Eileen S. SCOTT 277-284
Effects of grapevine applications of fosetyl-aluminium formulations for downy mildew control on “esca” and associated fungi PDF
Stefano DI MARCO, Fabio OSTI, Fracesco CALZARANO, Roberta ROBERTI, Annarita VERONESI, Carmine AMALFITANO 285-299
First studies on the potential of a copper formulation for the control of leaf stripe disease within esca complex in grapevine PDF
Stefano DI MARCO, Fabio OSTI, Laura MUGNAI 300-309

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