Vol 51, No 2 (2012)

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Research Papers

First characterization of infectious cDNA clones of Olive mild mosaic virus PDF
Joana M.S. CARDOSO, Maria R. FÉLIX, Maria I.E. CLARA, Solange OLIVEIRA 259-265
Biological characterization and variability of the nucleocapsid protein gene of Groundnut bud necrosis virus isolates infecting pea from India PDF
Mohammad AKRAM, NAIMUDDIN 266-275
A natural product for the control of olive leaf spot caused by Fusicladium oleagineum (Cast.) Ritschel & Braun PDF
Domenico RONGAI, Carla BASTI, Carlo Di MARCO 276-282
Transcriptomic analysis of Sporisorium reilianum in response to the strigolactone analogue GR24 PDF
Seyed Kazem SABBAGH, Mahta MAZAHERI, Naser PANJEHKEH, Mohammad SALARI 283-291
Efficacy of mefenoxam is affected by a lag period between application and inactivation of Pythium species PDF
Abdullah M. AL-SADI 292-297
Nematicides control rice root-knot, caused by Meloidogyne graminicola PDF
Mujeebur Rahman KHAN, Bushra ZAIDI, Ziaul HAQUE 298-306
Combined effects of biocontrol agents and soil amendments on soil microbial populations, plant growth and incidence of charcoal rot of cowpea and wilt of cumin PDF
Vijeta SINGH, Ritu MAWAR, Satish LODHA 307-316
Evaluation of microbial products for the control of zucchini foot and root rot caused by Fusarium solani f. sp. cucurbitae race 1 PDF
Roberta ROBERTI, AnnaRita VERONESI, Flavio FLAMIGNI 317-331
Evolution of Mycosphaerella graminicola at the wheat leaf and field levels PDF
Léa El Chartouni, Benoît TISSERANT, Ali SIAH, Florent DUYME, Roger DURAND, Patrice HALAMA, Philippe REIGNAULT 332-339
Virulence and cross-infection potential of Ilyonectria spp. to grapevine PDF
Ana CABRAL, Cecília REGO, Pedro W. CROUS, Helena OLIVEIRA 340-354
Mycosphaerella and Teratosphaeria species associated with leaf diseases on Eucalyptus globulus in southern Brazil PDF
Marcela G. TEODORO, Maria A. FERREIRA, Lúcio M.S. GUIMARÃES, Reginaldo G. MAFIA, Johannes Z. GROENEWALD, Pedro W. CROUS, Acelino C. ALFENAS 355-364

New or Unusual Disease Reports

First report of Leucostoma cinctum on sweet cherry and European plum in Italy PDF
Gianfranco ROMANAZZI, Valeria MANCINI, Sergio MUROLO 365-368
First report of Didymella fabae, teleomorph of Ascochyta fabae, on faba bean crop debris in Tunisia PDF
Noura O. BENYOUSSEF, Christophe LE MAY, Olfa MLAYEH, Mohamed KHARRAT 369-373

Short Notes

Occurrence of Ganoderma adspersum on Pinus pinea PDF
Daniele De SIMONE, Tiziana ANNESI 374-382
Partial defoliation improves must quality of cv. Albariño infected by Grapevine leafroll associated virus 3 PDF
Natural incidence of tomato viruses in the North of Iran PDF
Alireza Mohammadi HAJIABADI, Fereidoon ASAEI, Babak ABDOLLAHI MANDOULAKANI, Mina RASTGOU 390-396
Red valerian (Centranthus ruber L.): wild host of Cucumber mosaic virus in uncultivated areas of Campania region (Southern Italy) PDF
Raffaele CARRIERI, Roberto SORRENTINO, Ester RAGOZZINO, Daniela ALIOTO 397-401
Widespread distribution of kiwifruit bacterial canker caused by the European Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae genotype in the main production areas of Portugal PDF
Marsilio RENZI, Angelo MAZZAGLIA, Giorgio Mariano BALESTRA 402-409


Abstracts of oral and poster presentations given at the 8th International Workshop on Grapevine Trunk Diseases, Valencia, Spain, 18–21 June 2012 PDF
AA. VV. 410-452
Phytopathogenic Procaryotes and Plant Diseases, by B.S. Thind PDF
V. K. MEHAN 453

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