Vol 51, No 3 (2012)

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Helping farmers face the increasing complexity of decision-making for crop protection PDF
Vittorio ROSSI, Tito CAFFI, Francesca SALINARI 457-479

Research Papers

Effects of elevated CO2 and temperature on interactions of zucchini and powdery mildew PDF
Massimo PUGLIESE, Junzhi LIU, Patrizia TITONE, Angelo GARIBALDI, Maria Lodovica GULLINO 480-487
Molecular characterization of the rDNA-ITS sequence and a PCR diagnostic technique for Pileolaria terebinthi, the cause of pistachio rust PDF
Hossein ALAEI, Amir Hossein MOHAMMADI, Ali DEHGHANI 488-495
Characterization of Citrus tristeza virus isolates recovered in Syria and Apulia (southern Italy) using different molecular tools PDF
Raied ABOU KUBAA, Anna Maria D’ONGHIA, Khaled DJELOUAH, Vito SAVINO, Maria SAPONARI 496-504
Criteria for efficient prevention of dissemination and successful eradication of Erwinia amylovora (the cause of fire blight) in Aragón, Spain PDF
Ana PALACIO-BIELSA, Antonio LÓPEZ-QUÍLEZ, Isidre LLORENTE, Lídia RUZ, María M. LÓPEZ, Miguel A. CAMBRA 505-518
Phytophthora nicotianae is the predominant Phytophthora species in citrus nurseries in Egypt PDF
Yosra AHMED, Anna Maria D’ONGHIA, Antonio IPPOLITO, Hamed EL SHIMY, Gabriella CIRVILLERI, Thaer YASEEN 519-527
Species of Diatrypaceae associated with grapevine trunk diseases in Eastern Spain PDF
Jordi LUQUE, Francesc GARCIA-FIGUERES, Francisco Javier LEGORBURU, Argiñe MURUAMENDIARAZ, Josep ARMENGOL, Florent P. TROUILLAS 528-540
Single sequence repeat markers associated with partial resistance in sunflower to Phoma macdonaldii PDF
Robab DAVAR, Reza DARVISHZADEH, Maryam KHOLGHI, Younes REZAEE DANESH, Majid AZIZI, Denis A. SHAH 541-548
Characterization of viruses associated with garlic plants propagated from different reproductive tissues from Italy and other geographic regions PDF
Leonardo PARRANO, Mohammad AFUNIAN, Deborah PAGLIACCIA, Greg DOUHAN, Georgios VIDALAKIS 549-565
Inoculum levels of Meloidogyne hispanica and M. javanica affect nematode reproduction, and growth of tomato genotypes PDF
Carla M.N. MALEITA, Rosane H.C. CURTIS, Stephen J. POWERS, Isabel M. de O. ABRANTES 566-576
Pathotype diversity among Algerian isolates of Pyrenophora teres f. teres PDF
Karima BOUNGAB, Lakhdar BELABID, Zohra FORTAS, Bassam BAYAA 577-586
Species- and organ-specificity in endophytes colonizing healthy and declining Mediterranean oaks PDF
Salvatore Moricca, Beatrice GINETTI, Alessandro RAGAZZI 587-598
Ultrastructural modifications in Common ash tissues colonised by Chalara fraxinea PDF
Axenic culture of plant pathogenic phytoplasmas PDF Addendum
Nicoletta CONTALDO, Assunta BERTACCINI, Samanta PALTRINIERI, Helena M. WINDSOR, G. David WINDSOR 607-617

Short Notes

Adhering Pasteuria penetrans endospores affect movements of root-knot nematode juveniles PDF
Ioannis VAGELAS, MIchael D. DENNETT, Barbara PEMBROKE, Simon R. GOWEN 618-624
Selection of halophilic bacteria for biological control of tomato gray mould caused by Botrytis cinerea PDF
Imane BERRADA, Omar BENKHEMMAR, Jean SWINGS, Najib BENDAOU, Mohamed AMAR 625-630

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