Vol 53, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents

Research Papers

Managing Phytophthora crown and root rot on tomato by pre-plant treatments with biocontrol agents, resistance inducers, organic and mineral fertilizers under nursery conditions PDF
Giovanna GILARDI, Stefano DEMARCHI, Maria Lodovica GULLINO, Angelo GARIBALDI 205-215
Control of Phytophthora capsici and Phytophthora parasitica on pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) with compost teas from different sources, and their effects on plant growth promotion PDF
Francisco MARIN, Fernando DIÁNEZ, Mila SANTOS, Francisco CARRETERO, Francisco J. GEA, Carlos CASTAÑEDA, María Jesús NAVARRO, José A. YAU 216-228
Biopesticide activity of sugarcane associated rhizobacteria: Ochrobactrum intermedium strain NH-5 and Stenotrophomonas maltophilia strain NH-300 against red rot under field conditions PDF
Muhammad Nadeem HASSAN, Shahid AFGHAN, Zahoor ul HASSAN, Fauzia Yusuf HAFEEZ 229-239
Multiplex PCR for specific identification and determination of mating type in Togninia minima (anamorphic Phaeoacremonium aleophilum), a causal agent of esca disease of grapevine PDF
Mahdi ARZANLOU, Abolfazl NARMANI 240-249
Genetic diversity in Macrophomina phaseolina, the causal agent of charcoal rot PDF
Mame P. SARR, M'Baye NDIAYE, Johannes Z. GROENEWALD, Pedro W. CROUS 250-268
The status of Cucumber vein yellowing virus in Iran PDF
Kaveh BANANEJ, Nasibeh KIANFAR, Stephan WINTER, Wulf MENZEL 269-276
Metabolic patterns of bacterial communities in aerobic compost teas associated with potential biocontrol of soilborne plant diseases PDF
Catello PANE, Giuseppe CELANO, Massimo ZACCARDELLI 277-286
Diaporthe species associated with Vaccinium, with specific reference to Europe PDF
Lorenzo LOMBARD, Gerard C.M. van LEEUWEN, Vladimiro GUARNACCIA, Giancarlo POLIZZI, Patricia C.J. van RIJSWICK, Karin C.H.M. ROSENDAHL, Jutta GABLER, Pedro W. CROUS 287-299
Assessment of genotypic diversity among Fusarium culmorum populations on wheat in Iran PDF
Behnam POUZESHIMIAB, Mohammad RAZAVI, Hamid Reza ZAMANIZADEH, Rasoul ZARE, Saeed REZAEE 300-310
Aspergillus spp. and their secondary metabolite production in grape berries from Slovakia PDF
Petra MIKUŠUOVA, Michael SULYOK, Antonello SANTINI, Antónia ŠROBAROVA 311-317

New or Unusual Disease Reports

Isolation and pathogenicity of Xylella fastidiosa from grapevine and almond in Iran PDF
Naser AMANIFAR, Mohsen TAGHAVI, Karamat IZADPANAH, Ghobad BABAEI 318-327

Short Notes

Identification of three potential insect vectors of Xylella fastidiosa in southern Italy PDF
Toufic ELBEAINO, Thaer YASEEN, Franco VALENTINI, Issam Eddine BEN MOUSSA, Valerio MAZZONI, Anna Maria D'ONGHIA 328-332
Pollen as a possible pathway for the dissemination of Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinide and bacterial canker of kiwifruit PDF
Rodanthi TONTOU, Davide GIOVANARDI, Emilio STEFANI 333-339


Abstracts of invited lectures, oral and poster presentations given at the 15th Hellenic Phytopathological Congress, Corfu, Greece, 5–8 October 2010 PDF

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