Due messe a punto senecane (1. La traduzione dei versi di Cleante a Zeus e al Fato; 2. Seneca e il sublime)

Aldo Setaioli


1. Objections to E. Andreoni Fontecedro (“AMArc” 8, 1986-1987, 361-406), who assumed that the fifth line of Seneca’s Latin translation from Cleanthes (ep. 107.10) cannot be reconciled with the latter’s doctrine: on the contrary, the ideology expressed in that verse finds a parallel in an ancient commentary on Cleanthes used by Simplicius. 2. A reply to G. Mazzoli’s view on Seneca’s alleged literary interest in the sublime.


Seneca; Cleanthes; Simplicius; Stoicism

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14601/prometheus-18877

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