El modelo 3D como base para la documentación y difusión de los elementos patrimoniales. Aplicación al mausoleo romano denominado ‘la Sinagoga’ de Sádaba (Zaragoza, España).

José Manuel  Valle Melón  , Pablo  Pérez Vidiella , Álvaro Rodríguez  Miranda , Jerónimo Sánchez  Velasco , Chiara Maria  D’Anna , Sandra  Uceda Queirós  , Ortzi Akizu  Gardoki 


A case study of a project for the geometric documentation of a roman mausoleum from the 4th century is used as the overarching element in order to put forward a reflection on some of the steps for the process of documentation itself, as well as on the utility of the outcomes. The main issues considered are: (1) documentation project, (2) three-dimensional modeling, (3) use of different kinds of two-dimensional and three-dimensional representations, (4) Augmented Reality and (5) archive and dissemination of information.


Architectural survey; 3D models; virtual models; Augmented Reality; Roman mausoleum

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.13128/RA-19316

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