Restauro e conservazione delle architetture fortificate allo stato di rudere. Il caso del Castrum Flastrae

Fabio Mariano, Leonardo Petetta


The system of medieval military fortifications in the Italian territory constitutes a fundamental part of the monumental and historical heritage of our country. Of these, several, have come to the present day with the architectural consistency of the ruin and, despite their high documentary value, very often characterized by an advanced state of deterioration and neglect that calls into serious risk their preservation and survival. The Castrum Flastrae constitutes a significant synthesis of this reality and, for this reason, has been undertaken a research on this important military fortification with the hope that this work will serve as a concrete starting point for future conservation action and that can serve as driving force for raising awareness and dissemination of a fundamental theme like this for the outback Macerata’s territory and for the “Monti Sibillini National Park”.


Restoration; Conservation; Ruins; Medieval; Fortification

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