La ricomposizione dei frammenti delle mura urbiche di Carlentini attraverso l’interpretazione di documenti inediti

Emanuele Romeo


The goal of the restoration of the city walls of Carlentini was to salvage the meaning of this work both as a urban system with cultural value. The work is the document of the history and material culture of a town that has preserved its road network nearly unchanged over the centuries, but has suffered the alterations in the residential buildings and the continuous disintegration of this fortified complex. With the help of unpublished cartographic sources, it was indeed possible to add, to the sections of walls still visible, those that were hidden under the building expansion of the last fifty years, thus ideally reconstructing the entire fortification. After these investigations, only a few portions of the original defensive work turned out to be completely lost or partially collapsed. Indeed, thanks to the knowledge acquired over a greater extension of the walls, the protection institutions have had to manage a larger and more complex fortification system than previously thought.


fortifications; knowledge; preservation; restoration; valorization

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