San Michele Arcangelo a Metelliano, Pieve in val D’Asse: metodologie per il rilevo, la documentazione, la conservazione e la valorizzazione

Giovanni Pancani


The Pieve of San Michele Arcangelo in Metelliano is part of the the territory of Arezzo, in particular is located near Cortona, in the Val d'Esse, at the edge of the Chiana Valley. The eleventh century church, built in a phase immediately preceding to the full maturity of the Romanesque, was rebuilt by the architect Maginardo from Arezzo. The paper considers the problem of the methods and investigation protocols relating to the historical archaeological monuments. For the realization of this study, the work was organized according to the main topics: the survey, its certified reliability, the graphic documentation with the identification of materials and structural problems. For the representation of the drawings, in this first session of studies thematic maps have been created that contain information regarding the identification of materials and the state of degradation; In addition the building's structural survey was made, flanked by evaluation of plastic deformation of the facades.


methodological protocol; certification; conservation; valorization; territory

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