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Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA)

The merger of the Agricultural Research Council (CRA) and the National Institute of Agricultural Economics (INEA) – two agencies that previously operated under the supervision of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies – gave rise to CREA – the Council for Agricultural Research and Agricultural Economics Analysis.

The reorganization was promoted to ensure and enhance the intervention and action areas of the two bodies by paying greater attention to the needs of the productive world. The objectives of the initiative, in fact, include greater coordination and optimization of administrative, economic and organizational efforts for the protection and promotion of Italian agri-food industry.

The new body consists of 12 centres, of which 6 related to specific areas – i.e. genomics and bioinformatics; agriculture and environment; protection and certification; agricultural engineering and processing; food and nutrition; policies and bio-economy – and 6 related to the supply chain – i.e. crops and industrial crops; arboriculture; viticulture and enology; horticulture and floriculture; animal husbandry and aquaculture; forests and wood products.



Italian Society of Agricultural Economics (SIDEA)

The Italian Society of Agricultural Economics (SIDEA) is the oldest and the largest Scientific Society of agricultural economists in Italy.

It was founded in Bologna on 31st October 1961 by Alessandro Antonietti, Enzo Di Cocco, Vincenzo Patuelli, Luigi Perdisa, Ugo Sorbi and Mario Tofani. Since that moment SIDEA has always been the meeting place for teachers, researchers, as well as public and private operators involved by the issues of agricultural economics. More than 350 members join the Society.

SIDEA is a non-profit organization devoted to promotion and coordination of studies on economic problems in agriculture. More in detail, the Society promotes the organization of conferences and seminars on special problems of interest for agricultural economists. Furthermore, international collaboration is supported in order to define methods of research and study in the field of agricultural economics.
SIDEA keeps permanent relations of cooperation with Agricultural Economics Societies of other countries and with international Agencies of agricultural economists, as well as with the organizations and institutions engaged in the study and research in specific fields of interest for its members. SIDEA promotes the dissemination of scientific and agricultural economics culture through the publication of conference proceedings and journals aimed at an audience of researchers and decision makers.
Among the other activities carried out, SIDEA debates the problems related to the teaching of agricultural economics and related disciplines in Italian Schools and Universities. Any other cultural activity deemed useful to better achieve social ends is promoted.

In the pursuit of these objectives it maintains working relationships with the public or private bodies that have competence  and interests in the agri-food system.


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