La spesa pubblica per l’innovazione nelle politiche di sviluppo rurale per uno sviluppo sostenibile dei sistemi produttivi territoriali

Elisa Ascione


This paper analyzes how the rural development policy supports innovation, according to Europe 2020 strategy. Using the information of the Italian FADN 2010-2014, the study analyzes the productivity ratio between large and small farms to measure the gap of their economic performance. The productivity ratio is compared, at regional level, with the consumption of soil for environmental factor and the number of agricultural workers employed for social dimension. The three indicators are compared with public spending for innovation allocated in regional RDPs 2007-2013 and 2014-2020. The results show a weak correlation of public spending with the indicators. Large values of the productivity gap affect negatively on the corresponding values of land use and agricultural employment.


Rural development policy; Analysis of Farm; Innovation; Productivity; sustainability

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