Vol 71, No 1 (Suppl.) (2016)

The Value of Food.
Internazionalization, competition and local development in agro-food systems
Proceedings of the 52nd SIDEA Conference
Rome/Viterbo, September 17th – 19th, 2015

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Research articles

Introduction PDF
Alessandro Sorrentino, Simone Severini 9-10
Hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition: new challenges for international organizations PDF
Kostas Stamoulis, Günter Hemrich 13-18
Shaping food supply chains to enhance product quality PDF
Anna Carbone 19-29
Policy measures and bargaining power along the food chain, a review to help assessing the way ahead PDF
Beatriz Velazquez, Bruno Buffaria 31-38
Vertical integration in agribusiness. Is it a bargain? PDF
Felicetta Carillo, Francesco Caracciolo, Luigi Cembalo 39-49
Price rigidity in food retail sector: the retailers’ strategy for pasta PDF
Luca Cacchiarelli, Alessandro Sorrentino 50-55
Horizontal price transmission in the European sugar sector PDF
Maurizio Aragrande, Mauro Bruni, Enrica Gentile, Alberico Loi, Roberto Esposti 56-59
Check the Dairy Chain efficiency in Italy PDF
R. D. Weaver, F. Rosa, M. Vasciaveo 60-76
The role of network creation and actor engagement in the adoption and diffusion of sustainable innovations in food value chains PDF
Barbara Pancino, Stefano Pascucci, Emanuele Blasi, Luca Ruini, Cesare Ronchi 78-85
Rules, Organizational Structures and Economic Performance: The case of Prosecco Cooperative Wineries in the Treviso Area PDF
Laura Onofri, Luigino Barisan, Vasco Boatto 86-96
Neither Brakes Nor Umbrellas: Efficiency and Productivity in European Dairy Farms During the Milk Quota System Phasing Out PDF
Roberto Furesi, Fabio A. Madau, Pietro Pulina 97-99
The role of Producer Organisations in the vegetable value chain: an application to the red chicory from Veneto PDF
Maria Nucera, Giovanna Maria Ferrari, Antonella Finizia, Stefano Merciai, Alessandro Sorrentino 100-114
International trade regulation and food safety: the case of Italian imports of fruit and vegetables from Southern Mediterranean Countries PDF
Giulio Malorgio, Cristina Grazia, Luca Camanzi 116-125
The Italian coffee import: a gravity model analysis PDF
Bárbara Françoise Cardoso, Deborah Bentivoglio, Elisa Giampietri, Adele Finco, Pery Francisco Assis Shikida 127-133
The improvement in the international competitiveness of the Polish food sector and its support with public funds during Poland’s membership in the EU PDF
Iwona Szczepaniak, Mirosława Tereszczuk 134-143
Effects of land related factors on child labour in agriculture: evidences from Peru PDF
Marco De Gaetano, Francesco Caracciolo, Luigi Cembalo, Maria Rosaria Carillo 144-154
Value Chain Analysis of Climate-smart Shan Tea Production in the Northern Mountainous Region of Vietnam PDF
Tuong Tran, Giacomo Branca, Aslihan Arslan, Trinh Van Mai 155-169
The effect of agricultural policies and farm characteristics on income variability PDF
Simone Severini, Antonella Tantari, Giuliano Di Tommaso 171-181
The assessment of the New CAP Reform: the case study of Tuscany PDF
Leonardo Casini, Gabriele Pagnotta, Gabriele Scozzafava 182-192
Social capital and rural innovation process: the evaluation of the measure 124 “Cooperation for Development of New Products, Processes and Technologies in the Agriculture, Food and Forestry Sector” in the Umbria Region (Italy) PDF
Biancamaria Torquati, Roberta Illuminati, Lucio Cecchini, Elena Pisani, Riccardo Da Re 193-206
Farms’ structural adjustment to the increasing competitive pressure: specialization vs. de-specialization in Italian agriculture PDF
Concetta Cardillo, Daniela Fusco, Valerio Moretti, Carlo Russo 207-216
Exploring the Italians' food habits and tendency towards the Mediterranean diet PDF
Ilaria Benedetti, Tiziana Laureti, Luca Secondi 218-228
Factors in bread choice PDF
Oriana Gava, Fabio Bartolini, Gianluca Brunori 229-237
Can personal values contribute to explain wine choices? PDF
Eugenio Pomarici, Mario Amato, Riccardo Vecchio 238-245
Comparing Italian and Brazilian consumers’ attitudes towards Short Food Supply Chains PDF
Elisa Giampietri, Bárbara Françoise Cardoso, Adele Finco, Fabio Verneau, Teresa Del Giudice, Pery Francisco Assis Shikida 246-254
Supplements consumption, health oriented behaviour and beyond PDF
Rosaria Viscecchia, Biagia De Devitiis, Antonio Baselice, Antonio Stasi, Gianluca Nardone 256-265
Consumer approach to food waste: evidences from a large scale survey in Italy PDF
Luca Falasconi, Clara Cicatiello, Silvio Franco, Andrea Segré, Marco Setti, Matteo Vittuari, Ilaria Cusano 266-277
Food waste in the phase of domestic consumption: the causes and preventive actions PDF
Antonia Di Florio, Rosa Maria Fanelli 278-291
Competitive strategies of Italian bottled water industry: evidence from a hedonic analysis PDF
Domenico Carlucci, Bernardo De Gennaro, Luigi Roselli 292-304
Consumers’ willingness to pay for safer fish: preliminary results from a survey about mercury contaminated fish in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region PDF
Tiziano Tempesta, Daniel Vecchiato, Francesco Marangon, Stefania Troiano 305-312
Consumers’ preferences for ethical attributes of coffee: a choice experiment in the Italian market PDF
Marta Cosmina, Gianluigi Gallenti, Francesco Marangon, Stefania Troiano 314-324
Consumers perception of traditional sustainable food: an exploratory study on pasta made from native ancient durum wheat varieties PDF
Francesco Contò, Anna Paola Antonazzo, Alessandra Conte, Barbara Cafarelli 325-337
Consumer attitudes towards social farm foods PDF
Ivana Bassi, Federico Nassivera, Lucia Piani 338-346
Conventional and organic food styles in a multidimensional perspective of sustainability PDF
Maria Bonaventura Forleo, Annalisa De Boni, Cinzia Di Cesare, Rocco Roma, Giancarlo Salvatori 347-357
Trusting is good? Hints from an exploratory survey on trust in agri-food professions PDF
Anna Carbone, Saverio Senni 359-371
The Value of different Quality Clues in the Italian Olive Oil Market PDF
Luca Cacchiarelli, Anna Carbone, Tiziana Laureti, Alessandro Sorrentino 372-379
Regulation of supply for Cheese with a protected designation of origin or protected geographical indication PDF
Gabriele Chiodini, Angelo Frascarelli 380-388
IT-based tools for the integrated management of the food chain: the development of the cereal territorial chain of the PGI “Pane di Matera” within the Rural Development Program of the Basilicata Region by means of technological innovations PDF
Piermichele La Sala 389-398
Development and management of winemaking sustainability: an explorative survey in Sicily PDF
Valeria Borsellino, Antonio Asciuto, Marcello D’Acquisto, Caterina Patrizia Di Franco, Giuseppina Migliore, Emanuele Schimmenti 400-409
Territory, Typical products, and consumer preferences: the case of the Capicollo Azze Anca Grecanico Presidio Slow Food of Calabria PDF
Agata Nicolosi, Valentina Rosa Laganà 410-422
Explorative study of multifunctional agriculture in a Sicilian inland area PDF
Emanuele Schimmenti, Giuseppe Daddi, Antonio Asciuto, Valeria Borsellino, Mariarosa Di Gesaro, Marcello D’Acquisto 423-434
The development of a Piedmont mountain area through the valorisation of black truffle PDF
Filippo Brun, Angela Mosso 435-442
Agro-food economics as culture economics: some inceptive reflections PDF
Gian Luigi Corinto, Francesco Musotti 443-449
Shared value and responsibility in agriculture: the short supply chain model PDF
Concetta Nazzaro, Giuseppe Marotta, Marcello Stanco 451-458
Bringing urban food supply closer to food consumption: opportunities for five European metropolitan regions PDF
Guido Sali, Federica Monaco, Stefano Corsi, Chiara Mazzocchi 459-468
Performance Indicators of social responsibility: the case of agricultural enterprise in the inter-regional/trans-national project model PDF
Lucia Briamonte, Sabrina Giuca 469-485
Social-life cycle assessment as an extended tool for the measurement of the social responsibility in the agro-food sector PDF
Graziella Benedetto 486-494
Identifying Social Entrepreneurial Behaviour in Farmers participation in Alternative Food Network PDF
Giorgio Schifani, Giuseppina Migliore, Shadi Hashem, Pietro Romeo, Luigi Cembalo 495-504
An empirical analysis of beliefs about climate change challenges PDF
Gaetano Martino, Flaminia Ventura, Francesco Diotallevi 506-520
Linking food security, climate change adaptation and mitigation: the case of sustainable land management in Malawi PDF
Giacomo Branca, Adriana Paolantonio, Uwe Grewer, Romina Cavatassi, Abiba Longwe, Andrea Cattaneo, Sylvia Vetter, Leslie Lipper 521-532
From farm cooperation to territory building: a French case study PDF
Daniela Toccaceli 533-545
The Role of Local Food Chain in the Sustainable Management and Promotion of Territories. A Comparison Case Study of Umbria Region in Italy and the Sub- Region of Pest County in Hungary PDF
Adriano Ciani, Lazlo Mihaly Vörös, Filippo Fiume Fagioli 546-559
Three Essays on Food Policy and Health Consumption Patterns PDF
Elena Castellari 561-569
Biofuel-food market interaction: exploring the price link in the European and Brazilian context PDF
Deborah Bentivoglio 570-579
The consumer food market in Italy: a dynamic representation through agent- based modeling PDF
Roberto Calisti 580-588
Postmodern Consumer And Functional Products: Use Of Innovative Techniques For The Analysis Of Behavior In Experimental Economics PDF
Giuliana Sannino 589-606
Impact of Agro-environmental measures in the Tuscany Region. Geographic Multi-Criteria Analysis PDF
Emanuele Gabbrielli 607-634
Sustainability and food and nutrition security: An indicator-based vulnerability and resilience approach for the Mediterranean Region PDF
Paolo Prosperi 635-648

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