Carrara e le sue cave. Alla scoperta dei paesaggi del marmo

Francesco Alberti


The article describes the strategic master plan drawn in 2007 by P. Giorgieri and F. Alberti, along with a marketing study by SL&A (Rome), for promoting tourism through the places of white marble in Carrara - quarries, sculpture ateliers, exhibition spaces, villages and trails of old quarries, etc.. The proposal is part of the Integrated Plan for Urban Sustainable Development (PIUSS) presented with success by the Municipality to the Region Tuscany in 2010, for the allocation of the European structural funds. The plan is structured on six touristic itineraries, some of which follow the routes of the old “Marble Railway”, linking the town center with the extraction areas (with their active or dismissed quarries belonging to different times) and the footpaths of the Park of the Apuan Alps.


Landscape; Carrara; Apuane; marble quarries; PIUSS; Marble Railway

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