Slow Travel: in viaggio con l’asino

Silvia Mantovani


In viaggio con l’asino (A journey with a donkey) is a travel book written by Andrea Bocconi e Claudio Visentin, which describes the adventures of hu- mans and animals along an ancient path in the heart of Abruzzo, as well as recalling the legendary travels with a donkey in the Cévennes don by Robert Louis Stevenson, providing useful informa- tions - practical and philosophical suggestions to manage donkeys – but above all promoting re- marks about travelling, territories, identities and landscapes. This is an interesting lesson, wich in- vites to reflect on different readings: behind a simple travel book, that fascinates, amuses and in- trigues, there are many important ideas that emerge in the watermark. They concern some of the most pressing issues about landscape. 


journey; landscape; donkey; slow travel

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