“Andrea Palladio e la villa veneta. Da Petrarca a Carlo Scarpa”, un viaggio alla scoperta della civiltà della villa. (II)

Giulia Tettamanzi


The exposition “Andrea Palladio e la Villa Veneta. Da Petrarca a Carlo Scarpa” (Andrea Palladio and the villa veneta. From Petrarca to Carlo Scarpa) offers a trip through the history of the villa, in places of time, space and culture. This second part suggests an itinerary meeting the most important points of formal and ideological villa maturation during the Renaissance. From Petrarca to Alberti, the villa typology growths and develops in Tuscany, with the Medici family power, then in Rome, beginning popes, Medici family had a primary role in the villa culture, working with the most important artist and architects: Raffaello, the Sangallo family, Giulio Romano. Palladio is the concrete and conceptual centre of the exposition, and in his work, we’ll find the same ideological elements of the villa, grow up in latin culture and in the Renaissance. The villa is showed in its totality as architectonical, economic system, till the completely formation of a model, that successfully affirms in the history, and finally we’ll meet a contemporary architect, Carlo Scarpa. The last part of this text is a real trip trough the villas in the Veneto and its landscape. 


eon Battista Alberti; Andrea Palladio; villa; Humanism; villas in Veneto

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