Responsabilità progettuale e paesaggio dei margini urbani

Danilo Palazzo


The paper deals with the theme of design responsibilities. This paper starts from a description of the role played by architects, landscape architects and urban designers in landscape changes. This role assumes the character of specific responsibility that is different from that played by public officials, or single citizen.
A designer, in order to face landscape changes, need to deal consciously with three responsibilities: the species responsibility, the generation responsibility and the competence responsibility. Specie and generation responsibilities force us, as human beings, to balance our actions with the heritages left by who lived before. The competence responsibility drives us, as architects, towards a forced choice and the design authority gives us the expertise to accomplish this duty.
The paper is closed by a description of six strategies on urban edges, inspired by designs and project implemented al local level both in Europe an in North-America. 


Landscape Design; Urban Edges; Design Responsibility

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