Il paesaggio agrario dell’alto Garda bresciano e i suoi prodotti storici: un patrimonio da recuperare e valorizzare

Alberta Cazzani


Upper Garda Lake landscape is particular: a pristine natural environment is joined with an ancient transformation work by man to make profitable cultivations possible. These cultivations were giving rare and precious products, in the past very valuable, like lemons, citrons, olive oil, wine, laurel oil and capers. The tourism development since late XIX Century and the high maintenance costs have decreased the economic interest in Upper Garda Lake agriculture. In 2012 a no profit association Terre & Sapori d’alto Garda was issued with the goal to recovery and gain top quality crops and food and to valorize the local landscape with research, didactic and promotion activities. The program’s mission is to discover and increase local cultivations, maintaining historic varieties, improving typical production quality. Upper Garda Lake landscape still has agricultural potentialities in addition to cultural-historic and ecological-natural values. This valorization project about food and culture is a fundamental support to a Gardesan tourism more knowledgeable of traditional values and able to recognize the strong link between landscape and products. This kind of tourism will focus on eco-sustainability and lifestyle improvement appreciating the historic connection of good quality landscape and healthy food.


Upper Garda Lake; rural landscape preservation; local product valorization; citrus; olive oil; capers; tourism and promotion

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