GreenInUrbs_Infrastrutture Verdi: soluzioni basate sulla natura per città sostenibile e resilienti

Elisabetta Maino


On April 4-7 the final international conference of the COST FP1204 project ‘Green Infrastructure: nature based solutions for sustainable and resilient cities’ was held in Orvieto. The activities of COST began in 2013, linking environmental with social aspects in studying and managing urban forests. The challenge arises from a paradox. Urbanisation is increasing worldwide: on the one hand, pressure on agriculture, forests and open land for urban development is growing whilst on the other green infrastructures are seen as critical to a good quality of life for urban dwellers. The conference addresses this paradox by offering a broad multidisciplinary point of view, and international applications in a variety of contexts.


Urban Forests; ecosystem services; governance; cultural and environmental services

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