Il paesaggio del litorale genovese tra immaginario e storia: dagli chalet marini all’infrastrutturazione costiera

Gian Luca Porcile, Paola Sabbion


The coastal landscape of Genoa has profoundly changed over time to meet the requirements of the city’s economy and society. In recent decades, the city has experienced a phase of divestment of the heavy industry, without other economic sectors being able to assume the same importance within the city's economy. Recently, tourism has become increasingly important and at the same time the awareness of what the city of Genoa can offer in terms of quality of life has grown. Observing the history of the coastal landscape with a critical spirit can help to guide planning decisions in order to consciously rethink the relationship between the city and the sea.


Genoa; coastal landscape; sea chalets; seaside tourism; waterfront

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