Paesaggi idroelettrici domestici. Progetti e riflessioni nel bacino della Piave.

Fabrizio D’Angelo


Nowadays we are in the right time to reflect on the relationship between hydroelectric and mountain territory. We are now able to observe critically, the transformations of the past and, at the same time, the future aspects of these contexts. The contribution, through some reflections on the Piave river, deals with the evolution of the hydroelectric landscape caused by the use of mountain space as heritage. In the text are explored new scenarios where the infrastructures are ‘domesticated’ and influenced by practices of free-time, by the enhancement of historical heritage and by the protection of ecosystems born of artificial dynamics. These hybrid landscape are strictly influenced by the power plant working. For this reason a multidisciplinary attention is required to plan a sustainable coexistence between the uses. The following paragraphs contribute to consolidating a design issue able to enhance and manage the relationship between landscape and energy, mitigating any conflicts



Hydroelectric, mountain, heritage, lake, water.

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